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SMS/Text Marketing Services

To text or not to text? That is the question. Well, it’s actually a no brainer! Text messages are opened nearly 98% of the time, which are HIGHER open rates than any other channel out there. For this reason, you should absolutely have SMS marketing in your arsenal.

Why Choose RPM National

When you choose our SMS marketing services, we’ll set your brand up for success. Besides the normal onboarding questions, kickoff meeting, and enthusiasm, you’ll get the works:

AUDIT: your brand and industry

SMS Copywriter: From using the right emojis to delivering witty content, our copywriter will include copy that tailors to your brand for IMPACTFUL results.

SMS Designer: Using a mixture of images and GIFs, we’ll set your brand up for success with one-of-one designs that boost your engagement.

LIVE DEMO of our SMS platform, so that you can track metrics any time you please.

Pop-up form: to capture phone numbers and email addresses.
Journeys: Abandoned cart, Post-purchase, Browse Abandoned and more

SMS calendar for one-time messages: 2-3 SMS messages weekly

Text to Join: Together, we’ll develop a unique keyword to get people to join!

Instagram Swipe-up: to boost SMS signups, we’ll provide you with an IG Swipe-up creative to get more subscribers.

Whether you’re sending a one-time message to hundreds, or millions, SMS advertising is a highly engaging way to interact with your subscribers.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together